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The Guerrilla Grip™ with integrated Bullet Button® release tool is a must for all California AR15/AR10 enthusiasts. The grips can be used with or without the integrated Bullet Button® tool which is made of an unbreakable polymer positioned on the bottom of the grip for the most ergonomic and fastest mag changes you can perform with a Bullet Button® installed on the rifle. Having a Guerrilla Grip™ on each of your magazines eliminates the need for fumbling around for a tool. You will always have a tool ready to use. Guerrilla Grips™ are sold in packs of 3 and available in a variety of colors for quick magazine identification for caliber ID, training, hunting, and competition.

Every Guerrilla Grip 3-pack includes Bullet Button® release tools that will work with standard Bullet Button® and RaddLock magazine locks. How will the Guerrilla grip enhance your shooting experience?

  • Much faster reloads for California shooters with the use of the integrated Bullet Button® tool
  • Enhanced grip under stress and dealing with sweaty or slippery hands
  • Multiple color options allows for easy and efficient color coding of different magazine/ammunition types
  • Sticky, shock absorbing rubber makes for a very stable shooting platform
  • Durable rubber protects magazine base plates leading to extended magazine life and lower probability of failure

The Guerrilla Grip is like nothing on the market in terms of scope and function. This simple and affordable product offers more value than any other AR-15/10 magazine upgrade available. The Guerrilla Grip will stretch over any standard rifle caliber magazine, and requires no permanent modification to your magazines.

We use the absolute best engineering grade polymers available to ensure maximum part life and durability. All materials are sourced from US based manufacturers.

Guerrilla Grips are designed to fit on standard capacity length magazines, also known as 10/30 or 10/20 magazines in California.

Guerrilla Grips are designed and manufactured in the USA with pride.

All orders ship for free.

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Guerrilla Grip

OD Green, Flat Dark Earth, Tactical Black


Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Tactical Black


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